Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kitchen: Heart of Our Home

Regardless of the occasion or who is in our house at any given moment, we always end up in the kitchen. I usually end up recruiting my guests to help in the meal somehow, beverage of choice in hand, and we have a wonderful time. Food is prepared, we catch up, memories are made, and friendships deepened.

We wanted the kitchen to be warm and welcoming, with enough countertop to sink a ship.


We used furniture grade plywood to clad the walls and Chris framed the top shelf rather than installing upper cabinets. Now that the banquette is finished, I have the space to put everything away where it belongs.

The counter tops are home-made. We bought 100 2x4's and planed them all before biscuit jointing them together. It was a project that nearly drove me crazy, but not quite.

The final product of the kitchen is beautiful. There are open shelves on either side of the stove for pots, pans, and large bowls; drawers for all the many utensils and gadgets I use, and just enough space that you cannot let the dishes get out of hand because there isn't room for dirty dishes!

Our treat for getting the kitchen finished? Not only living in this beautiful space, but we also bought some new dishes!!

So tell me - what do you LOVE in your kitchen? Are there changes you would like to make? What are they?


  1. The kitchen looks awesome, Jess!!! Well worth the wait! Congratulations on finishing, and on all the wonderful creations which will be inspired by your beautiful living space. :-)

  2. Thanks Mom! I really REALLY like it and am happy to have all the space!

  3. Well done!!! I love hanging in your kitchen and having yummy mugs and visits. xox stina

  4. Stina - Thanks! I love that too - we can hardly wait to have you over again soon. Love you sis!

  5. Looks great! How nice to have a place for everything. I'm sure it has made a huge difference in your life.

  6. Kim - Thanks! It DOES make a huge difference for me and Chris too!

  7. Karen - Thanks! Let's have coffee in those mugs and saucers Monday!