Monday, January 17, 2011

The Basics: Pots and Pans and Kitchen Tools

Last month, we were taking dinner over to a friend’s house when she asked, “Are there any ingredients you might need that I could have on hand for the dinner?” 

After thinking for a moment, I responded, “No, we will bring all the ingredients, but could you buy a cutting board for salad prep?”

That got me thinking, what are the basic tools and gadgets that every kitchen NEEDS?

To me, here are the basics:

 • wooden spoons
 • metal pancake flipper
 • spatula (for scraping out battered bowls)
 • soup ladle
 • whisk 
 • 1 set each of measuring cups & spoons
 • 3 serving spoons

 • chef’s knife for chopping vegetables
 • paring knife for smaller items
 • bread knife
 • potato peeler
 • knife sharpener

 • hand mixer
 • can opener
 • box grater

Pots & Pans:
 • 1 small
 • 2 medium
 • 1 large
 • 1 skillet
 • 2 rectangular roasting pans
 • 2 cookie sheets, with edges

 • large wooden cutting board for veggies
 • medium plastic cutting board for meat
 • 1 set of mixing bowls, ranging from small to large

Appliances I use frequently and could not live without:
 • submersible blender
 • food processor
 • stand mixer
 • espresso machine
 • spice grinder

There are a multitude of other tools that you and I have in our kitchens, things that are supposed to save us time or effort.  If your kitchen is feeling cluttered, get a box and pare down what you have to the necessities, like this list. Put the box away and only take out what you need, when you need it. 

After a few months, you can give away the things in the box that you no longer need. 


  1. What I don't need the Magic Bullet? The gradie? The slap chop? The "set it forget it" roaster? There is no way those are going in the box!! I need those - wait a min - I think they are in a box. hehe

  2. Heather - you are too funny!! If you use them frequently, then keep them out! The goal is to de-clutter without removing usefulness. Thanks for the comment!