Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Simple Pleasures

I love rocks. 
When I was little, we went to the beach every day of the summer. It was quite hot outside and we did not have air conditioning. So, into the shade on a grassy patch beside the sand we would set up every morning around 10 and we would leave after fire-grilling dinner and eating it there on the beach, somewhere around 7pm. 
I clearly remember laying on my belly on my towel and scooping away the dry sand in front of my nose. I looked intently at all the beautiful rocks in front of me, moving each one carefully with a stem of grass. These tiny rocks were, in fact, sand. 

At various critical points in my life I have collected a rock or two, or maybe a shell. 
Over the years, my collection has grown and my love of searching through pebbles to find those beautiful stones has not lessened. 

My amazing husband bought me a rock tumbler and now I polish the rocks I have collected over the years.

Being sorted into “needs more grit” and “ready for pre-polish”.

The rock tumbler, where all the “magic” happens.

My dining table centerpiece - one of two vases full of rocks and shells.

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