Monday, April 25, 2011

The Return Of Taste

After being sick for the last month, my sense of taste is finally returning. It disappeared among the orange juice, toast, soup, and cough syrup I have been living off.

I figured that posting recipes while I could not actually taste anything was not a wise choice. At one point I loaded something I was eating with Frank's Red Hot Sauce and still could not taste a thing. Now that I can taste, it's time to start posting again!

RECIPE: Chicken Burgers

chicken thighs

> salt and pepper chicken thighs before sautéing in a pan until cooked (I use a cast iron skillet)
> prepare buns and toppings as usual
> dress the burgers!

I often find that chicken breast can dry out quickly when I am cooking it for burgers; thighs tend to be more forgiving.

- toss the chicken in a sauce as soon as it is out of the skillet (bbq, teriyaki, tapenade, sweet chili, hot sauce, steak sauce, pesto, etc.)

- add some spices to the meat before cooking - montreal steak spice, a curry blend, an italian blend of herbs, garlic & paprika, etc.

- choose a theme for the burgers (eg. if you use Italian herbs like oregano and thyme for the meat, use a fresh mozzarella for the cheese, basil pesto and mayo for the bun, tomatoes, and fresh basil or italian parsley for the green)

We made our burgers quite simply with marble cheese, mayo & ketchup, cilantro, and fresh tomatoes. It hit the spot - a satisfying burger that is not too heavy and often tastes like seconds (plus they are tiny, so seconds are not out of the question)!!

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