Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Turkey Mini Meatballs

The other day, I wanted something fun, yummy, and different. We are on quite the salad and fish kick right now, but the ground turkey in the fridge was begging for inspiration. What to do? Turkey Meatballs, of course!

RECIPE: Turkey Mini Meatballs

600g ground turkey breast
1 tbsp garlic
1 tbsp curry powder

> put the turkey into the freezer bag along with the garlic and curry
> seal it up and squeeze out all the air; now squish it around to blend the curry and garlic into the meat
> cut a hole, approximately 8mm or 1/4 inch in one bottom corner of the bag
> squeeze the meat into a hot, oiled skillet (I prefer cast iron)
> "cut" off the meatball once it reaches the preferred size with a butter knife, or make longer pieces for a sausage shaped "meatball"
> pour in a little water to help the turkey balls to pop off the pan when you're ready to move them onto the salad

For the salads... one is just sliced fresh veggies with meatballs on top, sort of like a plate of appetizers. It was an interesting experiment for me, because the meatballs tasted different with each vegetable; grilled zucchini, napa cabbage (suey choy), mushrooms, and tomatoes.

The other salad is a diced mango, basil, tomato, mixed organic baby greens, and celery. Both were AMAZING and I have made these meatballs several times since, with much success. 

What are a few spice combinations that might work in these? Any ideas?

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