Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Today it's cold outside; around -25ºC (-13ºF) with the wind chill. It's no wonder that, with a coffee in hand, I am looking through the photos of our summer vacation last year.

I am drawn to the fun and funny moments we shared, laughing about silly, inconsequential things... Those moments that just *happen* and stick with you.

the typical morning coffee outside the condo

discovering that the water is, in fact, far too cold to be wading
checking out the view from "up here"
a 7-year-old's treasure
wandering out at low tide, in search of treasure for the 5-year-old

colourful, living treasure found, appreciated, and left alone
discovering incredible things in tidal pools
walking through the forest
hijacking your little brother's photo
hijacking your big brother's photo
it was way too bright and we could barely keep our eyes open, even with the sun at our backs

I am not sure what our summer vacation will include this year, but I am certain of this: there will be laughter, not enough sleep, more coffee than usual, card games, photos taken, food enjoyed, fun will be had, and memories will be made. We will take time to just *be* and enjoy each other.

I can hardly wait.


  1. ** big sigh!** Yes we all need to dream of those days, but you put it so eloquently! Luv u babes!
    Karen :)

  2. Thanks Karen! Those days are coming once again.