Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hand Made

I learned to crochet (say "crow-shay") when I was a teen, but knitting always seemed more complicated. This last Christmas, I decided it was time to learn. The patterns and stitches for knitting always looked more beautiful to me than crocheting and I wanted to create them.

My Mother gave me a "How to Knit" book for Christmas and a few basic supplies. I started with the most basic stitch and decided to go from there.

And then I learned something amazing: knitting is all just one stitch. The "knit" stitch versus the "purl" stitch is the same stitch either forwards or backwards.

When I began, I started with a fairly large ball of dishcloth cotton because regardless of how badly I could mess this up, they would always work for washing dishes. Here is where I'm at today:

I've been learning various ways to vary the stitches and have been learning to not hold the yarn so tightly. Amazingly enough, my large ball of yarn is still large!

If you have a few minutes in a row where you're doing nothing (riding the bus or train, waiting for your child at piano, or watching tv in the evenings), why not create hand made dishcloths?

The ball of yarn was $8, the needles were $6, and a simple how-to pamphlet in the knitting aisle is around $6 (or you can find lots of free stuff online).

Creativity awaits!!

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