Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday and Motivation

I have been reminded many times recently to be grateful.

Gratitude has been this month's theme in Sunday school for the kids. Reading about the hard times friends of mine experience with health and loss of a loved one remind me of the many blessings I take for granted.

This Christmas will be all about spending time with family, like Joanne, Kim, Stina, and many others - making memories, eating cookies, drinking coffee, and working our way through puzzles.

And then the reminder from Stacey to keep it simple and practice the discipline of gratitude.

Let that wash over for a minute.


Over and over.


Practice the discipline.

Discipline of gratitude.


It is a choice. It is a choice every moment of each day. A choice that will sew life. A choice to build up.

To be a good example.
To show my love through action.
To do what I say.
To be the best mom and wife I can be.
To slow down.
To enjoy every moment.

Little choices that, strung together, result in the lifestyle I choose to live.

We all find ourselves in the midst of some unfolding drama. What will I do with that today? Will I choose the road of puttering around, not getting much of anything done or will I light a fire under my chair (figuratively) and spring into action, doing the things I know need to get done?

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