Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Guatemalan Lunch

In case you were not aware, my husband and I are a little crazy. And we love food.

About a year ago, we stepped in to help out with a lasagna lunch at the church we attend. We brought garlic toast, traditional lasagna, mushroom vegetarian lasagne, and butter chicken lasagna. The full post can be read here.

Since then, we have helped with several lunches. One was a rice bowl Sunday, with options of Korean bul-go-gi, butter chicken, and satay chicken. We also did Christmas dinner, with vegetarian quinoa and cranberry stuffing, turkey and ham, goat cheese mashed potatoes, red and green salad, and gravy, among other things. And there were a few parenting seminars, for which we did Mexican food.

The most recent church lunch was focused on fundraising for a humanitarian project in Guatemala, so we decided to make Guatemalan food. We have never made anything Guatemalan. We have never even eaten anything specifically Guatemalan. This was a first.

See? I told you so... crazy!

We researched, planned, and chose various dishes based on their apparent authenticity, having no first-hand knowledge to rest on.

Armed with recipes adjusted to feed 140 people, $550 worth of ingredients, a car load of kitchen tools, and three volunteers, we set to work.

Here are the recipes, all adjusted to feed 6:

Picado de Rábano / Guatemalan Radish Salad

Guatemalan Vegetable Salad / Potato & Green Bean

Guatemalan Guacamole

Hilachas / Guatemalan Beef Stew

Jocón / Guatemalan Chicken in Tomatillo-Cilantro Sauce

Kaq Ik / Roasted Pepper Turkey Stew

Subanik / Roasted Aubergine & Mushroom Stew

Frijoles a la Huacha / Dirty Beans

Arroz con Leche / Rice Pudding

Guatemalan Banana Bread

Overall, the lunch was a huge success, which is always nice.  At the end of this month, we will visit Mexico for the culinary adventure after church.  And I am certain the food will be amazing.

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