Sunday, August 28, 2011

Breakfast Like A Mennonite

It was a slow start to the day and I soon realized that breakfast was turning into brunch... and then brunch was turning into lunch. So the breakfast-brunch-lunch became heartier as I made it, and here is where we ended up.

It started out as eggs and sliced tomato. Then I saw the leftover perogies, red onion, red cabbage, and sliced scallions in soft goat cheese and I knew I had all I needed to make a really great meal.

The leftover perogies were boiled a day or two ago and just needed a little crisping in a pan with a little oil while the red onions were chopped and sautéed in another pan.

Once the onions were out, the cabbage was sliced and dumped into an the hot empty pan to braise with a table spoon of white wine vinegar (rice wine vinegar would also work) and 1/2 a cup of water while I sliced the tomato and got out the goat cheese and eggs.

Hot, crisp perogies went into the bowls, red onions distributed, and eggs started in the newly empty hot pan.

The green onions in goat cheese (mash 1/4 tube of soft goat cheese and two sliced green onions in a bowl - or use cream cheese or sour cream) were scooped into each bowl as the eggs and tomatoes were divvied up atop the braised cabbage that was now softened and ready to plate.

All in, it was a really delicious, cost effective meal to pull together. Even if I round up my guesstimate of the costs, here is the breakdown:

eggs $2.00
perogies $1.50
1 tomato $1.00
goat cheese $1.50
green & red onion $1.00
cabbage $0.25
oil, salt & pepper $0.25
espresso x 2 $0.25 each (not pictured)
total cost: $8 to feed my family of 4

Healthy, balanced, filling, delicious, and it used up some odds and ends from the fridge.

What awesomeness is lurking in your fridge, just waiting to be made delicious?


  1. Me too! I think we speed through breakfast too often - and one of my goals for the upcoming year is to make the first meal of the day the heartiest AND delicious too!

  2. LOVE this! Looks so good. Can you come over and make it for me please?

  3. Priya - I absolutely will make you breakfast whenever we are in the same place at the same time!!