Thursday, August 11, 2011

Philly Cheese Steak

Sometimes I think that any cookbook I make might have a full chapter devoted to "things that go on a bun". This sandwich would be in that chapter.

Neither I nor my husband have ever been to the east coast, but this is our best guess at what this legendary sandwich might taste like...

RECIPE: Philly Cheese Steak

steaks (fresh or leftover)
steak spice
garlic, minced
onions, sliced
bell peppers, sliced
mushrooms, sliced
broth or water
cheese, sliced or grated

> grill the steaks until medium rare and allow to rest, covered for 15 minutes; alternately, take the leftover steak or roast beef out of the fridge
> mince the garlic and slice up the onion, bell peppers, mushrooms

> add a dot of butter (however much you want) to the pan and sauté the peppers quickly for just a minute or two, making sure they do not get soft; then remove from the pan and do the same with the garlic and onion; remove from the pan and then sauté the mushrooms

> all the cooked veggies can go into the same bowl
> slice the steaks (or leftover roast - hey, chicken would work too!)

> assemble your buns:
   - liberally mayo the bun on both sides (or herbed cream cheese or garlic butter)
   - add veg on one half and meat on the other
   - drape one side with cheese and broiling the works (open faced) for 1 minute on high

> serve with hot peppers and a creamy salad, like my cauliflower one, found here

Mmm... meaty goodness. How do you like your steaks?

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