Thursday, August 11, 2011


From time to time I am asked, "What are you reading lately?" and usually my answer is the title of a cookbook... or two... or three. Their reply (of course) is often something like, "No, I meant books that you are reading; novels, history or biography, self betterment, that type of thing." Honestly, I would rather read a cookbook the way one reads a novel.

I start at the beginning and read through, putting post-it's on the recipes I want to try first, marking my spot when I must leave and return to the book later. The current page-turner I have on the go is in preparation for Christmas baking, titled 'Scandanavian Classic Baking'. Such a great book. I cannot wait to try some of these recipes. For a review by a guy with a blog, go here.

So here I am late at night, looking up recipes, reading about food, and planning what to cook, bake, broil, grill, fry, boil, sauté, braise, or chop next. And I cannot wait to find out what it will be.

I wonder what will be for breakfast?

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