Friday, September 9, 2011

Inspiration From The Food Network

My boys LOVE food. They have always enjoyed watching cooking shows and pretending in their kitchens. One day years ago, I found them playing in their kitchen "cooking" stuffed animals.

They loved food so much at the time that I took a video of them cooking and resting their plastic meats and sent it to their favourite Food TV host at the time, Michael Smith.

They still watch the food network a lot. The current favourite show is "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" with Guy Fieri.

After making a standard grilled cheese sandwiches and sliced veggies for lunch for them, the boys decided to sit in their diner kitchen, a gift years ago from their grandparents.

The conversation that ensued was wonderful. They discussed the various flavour notes that the cast iron skillet added by cooking the sandwiches with butter and the creaminess, chewiness, and gooeyness of the cheese.

They raved, they commented, they discussed what they might change if THEY were to cook the sandwiches next time.

It may be nearly time to give away their kitchens and toy kitchen supplies. I know that the trade off will be that when I do, they will be in our actual kitchen, cooking real food. And it will be amazing.

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